Top 5 Moments in Olympics History

Top 5 Moments in Olympics History

Proving a Hitler’s theory wrong, an amateur hockey team winning the gold against the favorites, winning despite going through a career threatening injury, display of true friendship… the list goes on, these are just some of the remarkable moments the Olympics has given us.

Here’s a look back at some of the top moments from the Olympics’ history.

Muhammad Ali lights the Torch

An Olympic boxing champion and a standout amongst the most powerful sporting icons, Muhammad Ali won a gold medal at the Rome Olympics in the year 1960, he was 18 years old at that time.

Muhammad Ali, 54 and fighting against Parkinson’s disease was given the honor of lighting the Olympic torch in 1996 Atlanta Games. He lit the torch during the opening ceremony of the Games making that one of the most moving and emotive moments in the history of the Olympics.

A Display of True Friendship

Jesse Owens’ amazing performance at the 1936 Games where he won 4 gold medals would not have happened without a little advice from his opponent Luz Long. After Owens fouled on his initial two qualifying long hop endeavors, Long drew nearer Owens and recommended setting out a towel in front of the judges to get rid of the risk of being disqualified. Owens then effectively progressed to the finals and went ahead to win the gold medal while Long won the silver medal and was the very first person to praise him while Hitler was watching from the stands.

The Unbeatable Phelps

It was all Michael Phelps show at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 where he shocked the world by making a record of winning 8 gold medals in a single sport. And not just that, it was again the Phelps show at London Games 2012 as well. At the point when Phelps touched the divider first to make his American 4X200m team to triumph, the athlete from Baltimore turned into one of the best Olympians ever, winning his nineteenth medal and shining a different light on the expression Olympic excellence.

Dominance by the Dream Team

It was at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona where some of the all-time greats like Michael Jordon, Larry Bird, Magic Jonson and Charles Barkley came together to form the Dream team to compete in the men’s basketball at the Olympics. It was nothing but sheer dominance from the start till the very end by this team making it one of the deadliest teams in the history of Olympics.

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