UFC: Who is the Best Fighter of All-time?

Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva

Win Total Silva (41), St. Pierre (25)
With Silva being older and getting his start in mixed martial arts as early as 1997, Silva has a substantial lead in the total win column. This includes a historic 17-fight winning streak and an undefeated UFC run that lasted nearly eight years, earning recognition as being the greatest ever. In contrast, St. Pierre’s 25 wins aren’t too shabby either with a 12-fight winning streak that extends to today, and not having lost since April 2007. This includes numerous victories over Hall of Famers with equally prolific resumes like Matt Hughes and BJ Penn.

Losses St. Pierre (2), Silva (7)
St-Pierre currently holds the best win-loss percentage in the UFC and it is aided by the fact that he only lost 2 fights in 27 outings – a major upset against Matt Serra and the other against Matt Hughes. Silva on the other hand, was already on his 16th bout when he suffered his third loss. And while he did enjoy a 4-loss record for a long time, his current losing streak (including a no-contest for prohibited substances) added some blemishes to what used to be an impressive portfolio.

Title Wins St. Pierre (2), Silva (1)
Both fighters only won a title in their respective divisions – St. Pierre in Welterweight and Silva at Middleweight – but with St. Pierre losing the title to Serra early in his career, he was able to recoup the belt rapidly, pushing his title wins to 2. Silva dominated his division and held on to the title for many years but after losing it to Chris Weidman, failed in the rematch nor return to title contention.

“Fight of The Night” Honors St. Pierre (4), Silva (4)
Given St. Pierre’s methodical and deliberate style that many consider boring and conservative, he surprisingly has the frenetic and exciting Silva tied for “Fight of The Night” honors – a bonus typically worth $50,000 in cash.

“Knockout of The Night” Awards Silva (7), St. Pierre (1)
Renowned for his world class precise striking and convincing finishes, Silva, not surprisingly, leads the organization in “Knockout of The Night” honors by a comfortable margin. St. Pierre, while owning a staggering 1,254 “significant strikes landed” and a few KO finishes to his name, isn’t as prolific enough as Silva’s to earn awards.

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