World Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi FIFA Ballon d'Or Awards Messi (5), Ronaldo (2) The FIFA Ballon d’Or or also known as “The Golden Ball”, is an association award that’s quite new (a merger between the FIFA World Player of the Year award and the Ballon d’Or) and is awarded annually to the

UFC: Who is the Best Fighter of All-time?

Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva Win Total Silva (41), St. Pierre (25) With Silva being older and getting his start in mixed martial arts as early as 1997, Silva has a substantial lead in the total win column. This includes a historic 17-fight winning streak and an undefeated UFC run that lasted

Does Good Pitching Still Beat Good Hitting? A Look at Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta

Does Good Pitching Still Beat Good Hitting? A Look at Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta Both pitchers are dominating the MLB in 2016, but who’s been better? It’s always said that good pitching beats good hitting and Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta are prime examples of that. Each is simply dominating the

NFL Quarterback Comparisons: Drew Brees vs Dan Marino

QB Comparisons:  Drew Brees vs Dan Marino There is nothing as entertaining as two quarterbacks who are slinging the ball down the field, accumulating huge yardage totals and hitting their receivers when going long. Brees and Marino could certainly do that, and in 2001 Brees broke Marino's record for passing yards

Tom Brady and Joe Montana: Superbowl Legends

Tom Brady and Joe Montana: Superbowl Legends The National Football League (NFL) has had its fair share of great players in its nearly century long existence. This has led to many scenarios where past players from bygone eras are compared to players of the current era. Fantasy matchups have filled many

2016 Summer Olympics in Rio: The Countdown Begins

Summer Olympics Rio Countdown Begins - Here are 10 Amazing Facts about the Host City With the countdown already begun for the 2016 Summer Olympics, here are 10 amazing facts you need to know about the host city, Rio de Janeiro. This will be the first Olympics to be held in

Top 5 Moments in Olympics History

Top 5 Moments in Olympics History Proving a Hitler’s theory wrong, an amateur hockey team winning the gold against the favorites, winning despite going through a career threatening injury, display of true friendship… the list goes on, these are just some of the remarkable moments the Olympics has given us. Here’s a

The Pacman Wasn’t on the Money: Assessing the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Superfight

This was a fight that almost did not happen. The fight was highly anticipated ever since 2009 but both camps could not come to an agreement with regards to the terms of the fight. Both camps blamed the other for causing talks to stall. There was a lot of